Our Introduction Write-Up

Our Introduction
Hello and Welcome To Our First Episode of Coffee Talk With Your Realtor.
My name is Jarrod Carozza, and I am your local Realtor with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate – Reliance Partners. Thank you for joining me today. My goal today is to break down the terrifying C.A.R. forms, and to summarize the different documents that a Buyer can anticipate reviewing, acknowledging, and responding to in a typical Residential Purchase Transaction. I know first-hand how confusing buying a new home can be, especially if it is your first home! Before I even applied for my Real Estate license, I spent many months re-reading and re-analyzing C.A.R. documents so that I would be very familiar with the legal documents that both you & I will be signing our name to. I have created a drop-down tab on our website (
http://EastBayPropertyPros.rpEastBay.com/ ) for you to access your blank copies of related documents to follow along with. Look under the tab titled C.A.R. Documents – Residential. Find your relevant documents, follow the green Better Homes & Gardens link, and download for your use. I have arranged the documents to follow how they most likely will appear in our transaction. I will continue to create videos following the same order, and after each video that I post, I would like to invite you all to a Video Meeting for a “Coffee Talk With Your Realtor” modified Lunch & Learn. This will be a 30-ish minute open meeting where I will be available to more thoroughly dissect our recent topics and tackle your questions. Now in order to keep these videos short, I will do my best to not restate things in my summaries. So please remember that all C.A.R. forms have been written & updated by many different real estate attorneys, and like most attorneys, real estate attorneys firmly believe in repeating themselves. Also, at the bottom of each document’s page, you will typically be required to either Sign & Date or provide your initials. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you about how I enjoy developing long-lasting relationships with my clients.